EndoBarrier is currently available in our London, Manchester and Southampton clinics.

The EndoBarrier™ advantage

EndoBarrier™ has demonstrated:

  • Serum glucose levels drop significantly within the weeks immediately following implantation – routinely achieving normal levels.

  • HbA1c levels also show substantial improvement and often reach normal levels at 3 months and beyond.

  • Results show a sustained effect lasting beyond the period of treatment in both HbA1c levels and fasting plasma glucose.

  • Patients lose a significant amount of weight during the treatment period, which is believed to have a long term impact on levels of insulin resistance.

  • Patients report appetite suppression, higher energy levels and overall improved outlook.

  • When patients participate in a multidisciplinary support programme, including behaviour modification, nutritional counselling and exercise, weight loss increases and durability of result improves, providing for a sustained control of diabetes.

  • It has been well established that even a small amount of weight loss can have a substantial impact on long term serum glucose levels.